Hi Manny…IT”S DONE!!! I just got this message from yesterday…..Thanks again for EVERYTHING. Now that we’ve worked together and this is my first deal here I understand how you work. It was the easiest transaction even though there were things to do at the 11th hour. I look forward to working with you in the future. ABSOLUTELY!! There is not other broker I will use….. Kindest Regards Cynthia Z., Petrolia
It was great! Manny takes all your worries away and gets the job done, and the best part is there is no judgement at all. Stewart and Saeeda F., Aurora
Cathy and I would like to share our feedback with you. Working with you was a great experience. You set expectations, provided great advice and resources, and moved quickly. Your customer service was excellent, you always picked up the phone every single time that we called. We will 100% recommend Manny to anyone, and we will use him again in the future. - Duke & Cathy M., Toronto
Good morning Manny. We had our funds deposited into our account yesterday and as promised, we have already begun the process of paying creditors. Will be starting renos in the new year. Cheryl and I would like to thank you for your professional, no nonsense approach while attending to our requirements. Given our situation, this is much better for us than the alternative. Looking forward to starting over and making our home and lives better. Again, thank you and all the best!! Dave and Cheryl C., St. Catharines
Manny Johar has definitely exceeded our expectations. He completely went above and beyond to assist us in our situation where other mortgage brokers left us hanging high and dry, especially with less than 2 weeks prior to closing!!! Manny was a blessing in a serious time of need. He is always professional and answered all of our calls, emails, and text messages, ensuring to provide us with his honest and clear feedback. He looked out for our best interest first and foremost throughout the entire process but also by applying for a mortgage through a bank first and then only to the private lender thereafter, just to make closing on time. He also is ensuring that we take precautions and the necessary steps to try and qualify from now in order to switch to a mortgage with the bank instead of waiting closer to when renewal of our term is coming up. He wastes no time and his intentions are always genuine. Thanks to Manny, we are now proud first time homeowners!! We would definitely recommend Manny Johar without a doubt. Thank you Manny, for everything!! Lauren L. and Anthony Jones, Ajax
My husband and I had some serious health issues that left us behind in our bills! We saw Manny's ad in the local newspaper and decided to give him a call. I told my husband he was a fast talker and we had to be very careful! From the very beginning Manny did not judge us for the situation we were in. His only concern was getting us back to normal. He let us know from the beginning that he wouldn't do anything that wasn't a long term fix and that he would be there for us and he was. There was never a phone call or an email that didn't get answered. Our credit had completely collapsed and it was impossible to just refinance for a decent rate. No bank would touch us. After much thought we took out a  second mortgage to pay off creditors and fix our credit. We were scared to death but what Manny said certainly made sense. What we feared was in 3 months when we were to refinance our 1st mortgage and roll 2nd mortgage into it that Manny would be nowhere to be found! But he was right there picking up the phone and continueing on. He got us what I consider a decent rate considering our tract record and it was while my husband was getting chemo and on disability! He got us cash back for a cushion to help us stay afloat while my husband recovered which he has. He really did save us from the freefall we were in but I will be honest and say no money is for free. Our motgage payment is higher now but paying our debts cleared away 6 monthly payments which means the money is there for our mortgage payment! Your first step is admitting there is a problem and accepting your debts but your second step is calling Manny to help guide you through your solution. Third and hardest step is trusting that Manny has your best interest at heart and I can tell you that he does. We are whole again but better yet we can sleep at night! I want you to know you can trust Manny and he will go to bat for you! I can't even imagine the rates he can get for people without problems or even for a first mortgage! I have recommended to 3 people already and my goal is to send some regular mortgagtes to him for a little break! Thank you Manny we will always sing your praises and if anyone mentions the guy with the ad in the paper we will let them not only know that you are the real deal but you are the best deal they could imagine...he gave us our life back! Marlene & Willie T., Alliston
I have to say Thank you  to Manny he has help me in every way to pay my bills. I have equity in my house and can pay my bills the bank still won’t help me. Now the bills are paid and it is going to make my life easier. Thank you again. Karen D., Orangeville
Manny Johar is sincere in his words when he says he can help you. With his professional positive outlook, Manny supports and advises you on the best course of action for you the client I cannot say how much I appreciated his professionalism and industry knowledge. Manny helped us out of a difficult situation gave us the tools to pay off debts while having enough left over for savings. Thank you Manny Johar Hannes & Rachelle B., Oshawa
Hey, Manny how are you. Me and mallika wanted to shoot you a message to say how thankful great we are to meet you and for you helping us out. We already feel much better about everything and everything that’s getting paid off all of our debts and on our side thanks for getting the money released for us it really helped us out alot fixing all the things we needed to fix for us to get back on the right track……and I will start listening:) Thanks alot manny we appreciate it very much. Have a great weekend! Sharaz C. and Mallika U., Shelburne
Manny exceeded all of my expectations…when I thought there was no way out of my situation, he helped calm me down and took me step by step on what the next process would be and took me out of a dark tunnel…I would recommend him to anyone. Joe P., Alliston
Hello Manny First of all thank you again. We would provide Manny and Expert Mortgage a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating.  Manny  expertly, expeditiously and efficiently, managed our concern from the first call right through receiving our funding.  Always pleasant, caring  and an absolute pleasure to deal with.  Thank you Manny for being our rainbow Janice & Robert E., Bradford
I can’t even begin to explain how much Manny helped me. Right from the first conversation to our last, he was fantastic. He answered all my questions and assured me that he would take care of everything. I just had to sit back and relax. He made that possible for me. He helped me when no one else would and assured me he would get the job done. I was his main focus and he proved that through and through. I would definitely recommend Manny. His professionalism is solid. Thank you so much Manny. You were my rock when I felt the walls closing in. You never made me feel like I was just a client….you made me feel important and a priority. Thank you. Grace O., Bowmanville