I have always been extremely responsible with money, which allowed me to live a comfortable life including, but not limited to, purchasing a nice property at an early age. However, after experiencing some health issues and ultimately being forced into an indefinite leave of absence, I found myself months behind on bills and was terrified that I would lose my home. I frantically searched for solutions, but consistently came up empty. Then one day, a google search produced Manny's website, so I figured i would give him a call... Manny answered that call, and within (literally) just a few days he had sorted out all of my urgent financial issues. He was responsive, understanding, professional, and most importantly, he reacted quickly and efficiently in terms of finding a mortgage solution. I can't thank him enough for being a shoulder to lean on, when things were not looking so good. In addition to resolving my mortgage requirements, he went WAY over and above his duties and actually found me a new job through a colleague of his. Needless to say, I would recommend him to anyone I know, and if you would like to speak with me for a more personal endorsement I would be happy to provide that. Thank you again Manny! Akber F., Toronto
Hi Manny, You have been a miracle worker. My situation was extremely difficult but from the start you took care of everything and found a solution for me. I am in a much better situation now thanks to you. For anyone having any kind of difficulties with their mortgage, I would highly recommend coming to you. Thanks again. Hisham B., Mississauga
Manny went above and beyond. I had been searching for mortgage help for the better part of a year only to be turned down time and time again. Manny found a product for me that completely fulfilled all of my needs. I will be forever grateful for your help Manny!! Thank you so much! Lisa H. & Cory C., Kemptville
After speaking with many mortgage brokers that made a deal sound simple and possible, you were the only one that I “felt” confidence in. Your upfront direct approach and clarity in what you required to get the job done is what I needed to hear. You said you would get it done, and you did just that, you got it done !!! I have already shared with others, with confidence, that if Manny says he can do it, Manny will do it. Thank you Randy & Anita K., Owen Sound
Manny Johar is not just a great mortgage broker, he is our hero. He has singlehandedly rescued our family from a very unfortunate situation, and has put us on track. With Manny’s help, we have reclaimed our house, and we could not be happier. A lot of mortgage brokers are all talk no action, Manny Johar is a man of his word. There is no substitute for him. Thank you so much Manny, and see you soon for our refinance! Regards, Sam S. & Golnar R., Toronto
Yes , Manny you have exceeded and delivered the best services for my mortgage needs , you have went far and beyond what anyone could ever do mortgage wise for me ! I am very happy to have met you and had you as my mortgage Expert . I would not be where I am today without your commitment and hard work , thank you very much ! Elicia D., Fort Erie
Manny, you are truly an angel sent from above, my husband and i was in a very difficult situation ( about to loss our 2 homes) everyone that we turn to that is specialize in the area of which we was looking help said , their is nothing anyone can do , we will loss our homes, then God send a true helper , whom i call my angel (Manny) a person i never know or ever see in my life, when he look at our situation, he said , it is a difficult situation but i can help,all he ask of us, is to work with him, and in a few days he fix it, he put a smile on our faces again.( GOD BLESS YOU MANNY) to everyone out their who have a situation and get turn down by everyone that you think can help you, call manny, he is a man at his word, Manny i will recommend my friends, family, and anyone i know who need help,please do not stop doing what you are doing.GOD BLESS YOU. Odette & Anthony M., Brampton
Hello Manny, Rose and I thank you for the prompt and professional service rendered, in obtaining our second mortgage. We will certainly refer to friends and/or relatives when they require mortgage services. Regards, Rose and Leo F., Toronto
Thank you Manny for always making yourself available and for going the extra mile to make what seemed impossible, possible. You made everything very smooth and easy. I can now rest my mind knowing that all my bills can be paid, my credit is in great standing, and you were able to work it out so that I am now back to paying one mortgage at a decent interest rate. I appreciate all your excellent service and hardwork. Tasha S, Oshawa
“Man of his words” takes pride in giving excellent service, fast and transparent with everything. Needed a second mortgage Manny got it done in a week with, hassle free smooth process! Would definitely recommend Manny. Raj T. & Arichana Y., Mississauga
Manny works very hard to get the best for his clients. Spends a lot of time to make sure it is the best for his client. Elizabeth J., Stratford
I wanna give Manny a big shout out for being a loyal mortage broker , he got me exactly what I asked for. He was able to get me a mortage that was on my budget that I had asked for . I now will be in a good place with my own mortage and live happy . Thank you Manny for always being there when i needed questions to be answered, even when I was so anxious , but it was all worth it in the end . I would definitely recommend Manny for anyone who needs freedom on a mortage. Thank you Manny…. Marco M., Hamilton