I still can’t believe it ,BUT its true. Everything Manny said from the very 1st phone call to receiving the funds, Manny said this is what will happen and it did. and FAST TOO. I read all the reviews (all 7 pages, probably more now) BUT my situation was different .or at least that’s what I thought. HE DID IT , I don’t know how but he did it AND he was above board all the way. I call him my Angel (and I’m not the first) .My wife told me ‘make one phone call see what he has to say, (best advise she ever gave me) sent an e-mail 5 minutes he call me, and told me what we are going to do it, HOW we are going to do it and you will see results in a set amount of time ( for us 1 week and Manny actually apologized for taking an extra day BUT it was OUR fault.) SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND DO WHAT HE SAYS, that is the key. My wife and I haven’t felt this ‘relieve’ in over 2 years, we answer the phones now (you know what I’m talking about ) we are now making plans for the future and even talking realistically about a vacation to a very warm Island, something we never even talked about. Whoever reads this I hope that you can experience what Manny has done for us and our family….Thank you Manny, a true friend (quick note; Have funds, Manny is finished with my file, and I’m still waiting for another agent to get back to us, spoke to him just before my 1st talk with Manny, that Agent is supposed to get back this week LOL can’t wait to tell him when he calls back, I DON’T NEED YOU , we are back to normal lol)
Stephen and Miriam R., Oshawa