Manny, where we have given up and lost faith in mortgage brokers, you have managed to help us when in dire need.
I had saved the newspaper clipping of your ad and just set it aside, tucked away. Occasionally I would retrieve the ad, scour at it and then tuck it back into place but somehow, I could never let it go, could never throw it out. It was like a little voice in my head kept yelling at me saying “call this broker, what do you have to lose?”.
So 6months+ later, I finally break and call the number. I was quite short and curt with you initially but this was based from my prior experience with brokers/banks where false hope is given. Even though it financially made sense to consolidate, it made better sense to them to leave my current situation as is based on protocol.
My situation was unique and remains unique but that didn’t stop you from helping and you were able to work with it. You have really helped our situation and put is back in the comfortable zone again. You are the epitome of amazing customer service, go above and beyond! My hair has grown back 🙂 and we still owe you that Chourizo!
What have I learned? I should’ve called Manny first!!
My message to those who need help, don’t delay and don’t be skeptical! You will only receive honesty from Manny.
Once again, THANK YOU!!!

Sandra & Carlos P., Dufferin