My husband and I had some serious health issues that left us behind in our bills! We saw Manny’s ad in the local newspaper and decided to give him a call. I told my husband he was a fast talker and we had to be very careful!
From the very beginning Manny did not judge us for the situation we were in. His only concern was getting us back to normal. He let us know from the beginning that he wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t a long term fix and that he would be there for us and he was. There was never a phone call or an email that didn’t get answered.
Our credit had completely collapsed and it was impossible to just refinance for a decent rate. No bank would touch us. After much thought we took out a  second mortgage to pay off creditors and fix our credit. We were scared to death but what Manny said certainly made sense. What we feared was in 3 months when we were to refinance our 1st mortgage and roll 2nd mortgage into it that Manny would be nowhere to be found! But he was right there picking up the phone and continueing on.
He got us what I consider a decent rate considering our tract record and it was while my husband was getting chemo and on disability! He got us cash back for a cushion to help us stay afloat while my husband recovered which he has. He really did save us from the freefall we were in but I will be honest and say no money is for free. Our motgage payment is higher now but paying our debts cleared away 6 monthly payments which means the money is there for our mortgage payment!
Your first step is admitting there is a problem and accepting your debts but your second step is calling Manny to help guide you through your solution. Third and hardest step is trusting that Manny has your best interest at heart and I can tell you that he does.
We are whole again but better yet we can sleep at night! I want you to know you can trust Manny and he will go to bat for you!
I can’t even imagine the rates he can get for people without problems or even for a first mortgage! I have recommended to 3 people already and my goal is to send some regular mortgagtes to him for a little break!
Thank you Manny we will always sing your praises and if anyone mentions the guy with the ad in the paper we will let them not only know that you are the real deal but you are the best deal they could imagine…he gave us our life back!