“Approximately ten days ago I nervously made a phone call to a mortgage broker named Manny Johar, whose ad I have seen in our local paper for quite a few months. Many life circumstances created many challenges in our lives recently. I didn’t know where to begin my story so Manny immediately took charge and asked me a few questions and said – yes I can help you. I kept telling him the road blocks I had and he kept saying that’s not a concern – I can help you. I had a really hard time believing it. I’d been working with another broker for a couple months and lost faith and thought my only option left was to sell the house as I had no direction and wasn’t getting any positive answers. Here it is less than two weeks later and everything is done!!! We are impressed with Mannys directness, knowledge, simple explanations and solutions. Manny and his team answered and explained all of our questions and even backed everything up by having me speak directly to team individuals to make sure all of my concerns were alleviated. I know with certainty and clarity what my goals are for the next step. We were impressed with the entire situation and how hard everyone worked for us and ” got it done”. Many thanks to Manny (and his family for sharing him with us) and the entire team of lawyers and lenders. We will sleep much better tonight!!!” Judy & Roger S., Thornton