Just saying thank you doesn’t do justice to how I feel about the experience of working with you again, however, it’s the right place to begin.

To start off, I would like to say that you have exceeded my expectations…not only about the outcome but throughout the whole process.

A number of things come to mind…so here they are in no particular order:
1. Professionalism – I admire how you show the utmost respect for the client. As you well now my financial situation was not in the best of shapes (and I am accountable for my own mistakes/missteps), however you never “preached” about the past. That goes a long way in enhancing my level of comfort in dealing with you because we both realize that the past cannot be changed and the focus needs to be on the present and the desired outcome.
2. Trust – there wasn’t one instance where I felt trust was an issue. Because we both respected each other, it went a long way in building trust.
3. Delivery on commitment – you always went beyond your commitment and delivered on what you believed was doable…and what couldn’t be done, you were open and honest about (this also contributed to building trust).
4. Friendly/approachable – what else can I say…time and again, not matter when I needed to talk/ask questions, you made yourself available (and always with a smile). Some people don’t realize that even when talking on the phone, it’s not that difficult to sense if the person at the other end is smiling or not.
5. Customer first – no ifs or buts about it. You not only talk it, you live it.

Again, thank you may not do justice, however it’s two words that say so much.

Best regards,

George R., Brampton