To sum it all up in a nutshell. Manny has been a saviour to our dream of owning our first home. My wife and I will forever be extremely grateful to what Manny made possible in a virtually impossible situation. We almost lost it all due to unforeseen circumstances, but Manny worked very hard to make sure we came out successful. From our perspective, Manny should be the person to go to for your mortgage needs. Personally, I think he thrives in the face of what may seem to be impossible.

My wife and I purchased a home from a house plan. No ground was even broken yet at the time of our biggest purchase. After waiting for a year for our new house to be built, here comes the covid virus attack on the world. We both ended up out of work and took a big hit on our savings and credit. I ended up back to work but my wife still was unsure when she will be back to work. Every broker we turned to either turned us down flat or wanted us to pay an extremely high rate for a mortgage. We contacted Manny and he worked with us. He advised us on what to do and we left the rest up to him and God. Long story short, we are now proud and happy owners of our first home.

Thanks to Manny a hundred times.

Anthony H. & Peta-Gay W., Orangeville