"Thank you Manny!! You did for me what 3 other brokers could not. You are the only one that was able to get me signed for an increased 1st mortgage. Just amazing. You are a man of your word and you truly do work for the people and not the banks. I can't thank you enough for your help. I'll see you in 2 years :)." - Brian L., Beeton, Ontario
Manny Johar - Expert Mortgage did indeed exceed my expectations. Despite the uncertainty surrounding and hovering over the housing market this 2022; Manny made it possible for me to realize a dream others had made me feel was an impossibility. Manny keeps to his words and promises by delivering exactly what he tells you he will. Already in a very desperate situation; After speaking to Manny and him asking the necessary questions; his final response was " Let’s get you your home" His response was so simple to be true...Oh yes; He delivered that response. In a week or 2; the deal was closed and the home was mine. I'm still feeling like it's a dream and scared someone will wake me out of it. One of your clients testimonials about "Divine Intervention ".. That God used you when himself and the wife were desperate and had lost all hope. Through your timely Intervention ; They bought their dream home and called it Divine Intervention. It's their testimony that pushed me to contacting you. The exact Divine Intervention they experienced is my today's testimony and I shall forever remain grateful. You are a indeed a man of his words. GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY Manny Brendaline A., Ottawa
Hello Manny we really appreciate everything you did to help our family getting our mortgage. Time was very short, and you made it work in less than 24hrs you are truly the greatest mortgage expert. thank you sooooo much. 🌟😊we appreciate you. Thank you again. Lenorah & Richard R., St. Thomas
Hi Manny, My family and I will like to thank you and your great team for working on our behalf and having our best interest at heart in achieving our home financing goal. We cannot thank you enough for allowing God to use you to help us even though you have never met us in person. I was in a hole, very unsettled, after being declined by a broker. I knew it would take divine intervention to get approval because all the odds were against us. I went online out of desperation looking and searching for mortgage agents then I came across Manny's reviews and read about people with similar situations like mine. I saved his contact and called him first thing the next morning, behold MANNY picked the phone and calmed each of my fears, continually reassuring me that I will close my house and occupy it. He did exactly what he promised, working selflessly for me and my family. Thank you for everything Manny, you will not miss your reward for being there for me and my family, we are indeed grateful, this means a lot to us. If you reading this and you or your friends or family ever get stuck with mortgage financing issues just call Manny he will never disappoint and would represent your best interest. Titilayo M., Vaughan
Manny, my deal was falling apart and you put it back together and I did barely nothing. I thank you million times over, you made my cottage a dream come through. Looking forward to do more purchases with you….🙏🏾👍🏽 George W., Golden Lake, Ontario
Exceptional service. What was promised was delivered. Manny Johar is a true professional, explaining the process the entire way and always available for a follow up. I can confidently say that you will not find anyone better. Before you call or email anyone else, give him a call first. He literally does what other can’t in terms of lending. He’s...
I was desperate…as 2 different broker offices were not able to help me in my situation….I came across Manny online and gave him a shot….within 24hrs everything was lined up and i was on the phone with my lawyer with the details of the closing…yes he got the job done in 24 hrs….Manny makes you feel important and keeps you...
Whatever I say will not be enough to describe the support and the high dedication from Manny Johar, I would say this for Manny and Manny Only, IF YOU HAVE MORTGAGE MATTER…CALL MANNY JOHAR Heba H., Mississauga
I was in a situation where my lawyer and the real estate agent that sold my previous house told me no one would ever gave me a third mortgage, I went online and I found Manny ,and instantly after speaking With Manny my spirit blend with him He gave me a mortgage when other people said no it’s not going to happen but Manny said yes.
I would recommend Manny to anyone that’s having a difficult time acquiring a mortgage or just overall anyone that needs a mortgage you won’t be disappointed, Manny makes sure you are well taking care of and keeps you up to date every steps of the way he does not left you hanging ,he is always available to answer your phone call your text and email in a timely manner ,moving forward Manny is the only broker that I will give my business to I believe in him and I’m positive he will get it done for me his favourite line is “ I’ll get it done don’t worry” please feel free to reach out to Manny for all your mortgage needs I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, he is not about the money he is all about helping people and fulfilling their dreams ,he did this for me ,he will make what’s seems impossible possible, Thank you Manny for all your help when I was in a difficult situation you made it look so simple what other brokers find impossible ,I can’t thank you enough for what you did for myself and family and I will not disappoint you. Sheryne & Uriel G., Brampton
Thanks Manny for all your help and what all you done for me. People dream of opportunities of getting something they want And you do whatever you can to make peoples dreams come true and i realize it isnt easy for you.Thankyou again. Sandra M., Sarnia