Toronto’s Best Interest Rates

The Manny Johar Advantage

  • Mortgage brokers choose lenders based on the commissions they pay. Manny is committed to securing the best rate for his clients, and always selects the lender with the lowest interest rate.

  • If you have bad credit or a cash income, the vast majority of mortgage brokers must search desperately for private money to fund your loan, resulting in a higher rate for you. Manny has quick access to financing through his network of private investors. In fact, other mortgage brokers will even work with Manny for private money, resulting in fee duplication for their unsuspecting clients. The choice is easy. Cut out the middleman and come directly to Manny Johar!

Why Use Manny Johar?


  • He works with over 300 lenders all across Canada and shop around for the best deal for you.

  • Banks have brokerage houses designed to work with him, and he offers a lower rate than any of the banks’ own branch offices!

  • He will only execute one credit check to use with all lenders. The number of credit checks you have been through negatively affects your credit rating. Simply put, if you go to five different banks yourself, and they pull five credit checks, your credit score and chance to qualify will be lower.

  • He has competitive rates, and offers all programs through all banks!

  • Even with bad credit, no job, self-employment, or a pension, you still qualify with Manny.

  • Almost all clients will qualify for a loan up to 85% of your property value.

You Can Use Your Home Equity Loan For:

  • Debt consolidation to reduce high monthly payments

  • Property tax or mortgage arrears even during power of sale

  • Outstanding bills and credit card debt

  • Launching your own business for a second income


Want more information on how we can help you unlock the capital in your home? Contact us now and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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