Things You Need To Know About Second Mortgage Toronto.

A Second Mortgage in Toronto is basically a mortgage that you took additionally on a loan that already exists. These second mortgages are secured against the same equity as the primary loan, which means that they rely on the current value of the property and the amount that you still owe. A Second Mortgage in Toronto is ideally borrowed from the same lender you took the first mortgage from but in some cases it can be obtained from another lender.

In case you are looking for such mortgage options, you will encounter three different types that are available. The most traditional option is the one with a fixed rate for duration of fifteen to thirty years. The next option is a home equity line o credit in which the rate is adjustable and funds can be draw as per the need. The third type is where the borrower can use the equity of their home as a collateral factor. However, in home equity loan, there is a reduction in equity of the home. The best way to figure out a plan that will suit you best, get a professional on board to learn about Bad Credit Mortgage Toronto and other factors that will affect the choice of your loan.


Typically you will observe, most lenders will offer these second lends at a higher rate than the first mortgages. This is normal as the risk involved here is certainly higher. Not only is the interest rate higher, the span given to return the money is lower too. Therefore, it is important that the second mortgage is paid well on time.

Now the next question is why would you even consider a second mortgage with so many risks involved? It can actually help relieve stress slightly from any sort of financial crisis. The home’s equity can be used in several ways such as improving the property’s value through enhancements and renovations.

You can also use the home equity to pay off your child’s education loan or repay the primary loan itself that you took in the first place.

To understand all aspects of second mortgage, speak to a competent broker.