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  • Expert Mortgage, which Manny Johar represents, is one of Ontario’s leading mortgage brokerages, offering seamless solutions to all your mortgage needs. Whether you want to buy a new home, need money to set up a business, or even refinance an existing loan or mortgage, Manny can offer you a perfect solution, catering to your specific requirements.

  • Manny’s clients come to him from all over Ontario for helpful, no-pressure mortgage and loan services. With Manny, you can always expect the lowest mortgage rates depending upon your situation. Funds you will be granted come from large Institutions to private investors where Manny uses his strong relationships with the lenders to secure amazing mortgage rates for you, even if you have bad credit or if there is NO proof of income. You can expect deep discounts in your mortgage rates when you have good credit and provable income. Manny can also provide you with a first, second, or third mortgage depending upon your needs.

  • Manny takes pride in being available 7 days a week. In fact, after hours all calls to the office will be forwarded to his personal cell phone, allowing you to reach him at any time.

  • If you need a mortgage for your dream home, an investment property, or are simply looking to refinance and lower your mortgage rates, give Manny a call Today at 1 888 646 7596 !

What Does Manny Johar Offer?

  • Deep discounts off all posted bank rates

  • Mortgages through Large Institutions to Private Lenders

  • Second and third mortgages up to 90%

  • Construction and Renovation loans

  • Loans for Farms, cottages, raw land and lots

  • Mortgages for Clients going through Power of Sale

  • Mortgages to cover Property Tax Arrears & CRA Debt

  • Private in-house funds with a quick turnaround time

  • Home Equity Loan with NO proof of income up to 90%

  • Personal touch, care and attention to details!!


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  • "Thank you Manny!! You did for me what 3 other brokers could not. You are the only one that was able to get me signed for an increased 1st mortgage. Just amazing. You are a man of your word and you truly do work for the people and not the banks. I can't thank you enough for your help. I'll see you in 2 years :)." - Brian L., Beeton, Ontario

    Brian L., Beeton, Ontario

  • Hi Manny, I would like to thank you so much: I have had nine houses and dealt with more than a dozen mortgage brokers in my time and never had such fast efficient service. What you did in two days all other brokers took 4-weeks to do. Thank you again. Raymond I. & Yunona T., North York
  • I cannot say enough to express how much Manny Johar has helped me. From the moment I made that phone call to him, he took immediate action. While I was on the line Manny was adding his team to the call to get the answers we needed to get my mortgage in place. I had been dealing with a difficult situation with a 2nd mortgage lender. I could trust Manny to help me with any difficulties I had been having. I had immediate confidence that I had come to the...
  • To sum it all up in a nutshell. Manny has been a saviour to our dream of owning our first home. My wife and I will forever be extremely grateful to what Manny made possible in a virtually impossible situation. We almost lost it all due to unforeseen circumstances, but Manny worked very hard to make sure we came out successful. From our perspective, Manny should be the person to go to for your mortgage needs. Personally, I think he thrives in the face of what may seem to be impossible. My wife and I purchased a home from a house plan. No ground was even broken yet at the time of our biggest purchase. After waiting for a year for our new house to be built, here comes the covid virus attack on the world. We both ended up out of work and took a big hit on our savings and credit. I ended up back to work but my wife still was unsure when she will be back to work. Every broker we turned to either turned us down flat or wanted us to pay an extremely high rate for a mortgage. We contacted Manny and he worked with us. He advised us on what to do and we left the rest up to him and God. Long story short, we are now proud and happy owners of our first home. Thanks to Manny a hundred times. Anthony H. & Peta-Gay W., Orangeville